The first Ultrasound examination

After the mating with Ashkii Brenia showed exactly the symptoms that some authors in literature about dog-breeding describe to be signs for pregnancy: More than usual tiredness, voracity and devotedness.


But, as we all know, final certainty can only be achieved by medical measures like an ultrasonography.


Hence Sabine visited a Vet on 14.04.16. And the result: The mating was a success, the A-Litter now -in the truest sense of the word- takes shape.


Here some photos:

The gestation time is now nearly over, all preparations have been finalized

Our livingh room is now re-arranged, the carpet protected by some PVC carpet on top, puppy fence is installed, and everything else we may need during birth time is prepared to be at hand.

We're ready to start. The whelps are kicking in Brenia's underside, and we are waiting here pretty excited...

The Enjoys Life "Amazing" Litter is now reality

On the 25.05.16 around 18:40h Brenia brought 2 healthy males with weight of 425g and 385g  to life.


We are very glad!


But as Brenia has only very little milk, we currently have to feed the whelps  by means of a baby bottle.

It took a while until th ewhelps understood this procedure and were able to suck the milk out of the bottle. This now means preparing teh milk bottle every 3 hours, which is pretty exhausting, but also wonderful when noticing that the weight is rising again after initial decrease after birth, and evrything seems to be on its right way.

Wir sind Mitglied im DRC.

We are member of DRC (German Retriever Club).


Bitte beachten!    Please respect!
Bitte beachten! Please respect!