Breed planning

The next step is done

On 16.03.16 we travelled to Switzerland to be there without any hurry and early enough.


During our travel and on a first walk there we had some promising omen:

a white stork (which is understood to be a promise for children in Germany) as well as a horseshoe, also a lucky charm.

On 20.03. we then had our first attempt, which was working very well.

After that both dogs presented themselves as the bridal pair on a nice seat bench.

Another well done attempt then on 21.03.16, so now we are hoping everything works out well and we will have puppies in a few weeks.

Our mating partner for this spring is chosen

Again this time it was not that easy. After visiting some candidates and driving many kilometers, the choice was not difficult in the end.


We will mate Brenia with Ahyoka Ashkii from Switzerland.


Recently we visited him in Switzerland, and we are convinced that we have found a stunning stud.


Our special thanks go to Monica Weilenmann (of Kennel Appalachians) as well as Ruth and Walti.


Below some more detailed information about Ashkii:


Wir sind Mitglied im DRC.

We are member of DRC (German Retriever Club).


Bitte beachten!    Please respect!
Bitte beachten! Please respect!