Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Casarrondo Brenia Sell  (Studbook No.: DRC-T 10-0540)


* 29.07.2010



Brenia is our first Toller bitch, and she was enchanting us from the very beginning.

She loves to work, and on the other hand is very obedient. As soon as Sabine seems to open the door to go out she is staying there waiting for going out and having fun.


She loves Dummy work, and we also had our first experience in working tests.



Hundeführerschein (VDH); sorry, but hard to translate 1:1 into English, it is an exam about general obedience

Companion-dog: BHP B (DRC)

passed character test (Wesenstest)

Dummy exam: APD /A

Companion-dog: BH/VT (SV)

Some Workingtests Beginners Class


Rating of appearance "excellent"



Working test results:

Trainigs Workingtest in Wunstorf: 5th place


Schnupper-WT at Ringstedt: Very good (


Trainings -Workingtest at Schätzendorf "Waterkant": Unfortunately "not passed"(


Workingstest results since beginning of 2014 click here.



Exhibition results:

Hoisdorf 2013 - second place in open class, reserve candidature for german Champion

Rostock 2013  - second place in open class, reserve candidature for german Champion

Results in 2014 and following: click here






Health checks:

Hips: A2 / Ellbows: free

prcd-PRA: free due to inheritance

Eyes check: RD, PRA and HC free (28.10.13)

Other genetic tests:

CEA/HC: free
DM: free
MH: free
DIL: Typ D/d
JADD: N/N (probable normal)
CP1 (Cleft Palate): N/N (clear/normal)

DEN (Degenrative Encephalopathy): Clear


Breeding allowance achieved 20.11.13






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Wir sind Mitglied im DRC.

We are member of DRC (German Retriever Club).


Bitte beachten!    Please respect!
Bitte beachten! Please respect!