German Dachshound


Zara von der Ravensburg (Studbook Nr.: DTK 04Z2204R  )


* 30.07.2004


Rieke is our third dachshound, following after Bettie and Fine. From her puppy days we trained her, and keep her active with things like small plays, trailing work and so on. She really loves to accompany her family, likes trekking for miles and miles and is very charming. She bewitches everybody, and especially loves all trainers on the dog training grounds that we regularly visit.



Hundeführerschein (VDH); sorry, but hard to translate 1:1 into English, it is an exam about general obedience

Companion-dog tested 13.10.2013



Exhibition results:

22.05.2005 Müssen: excellent

07.05.2006 Preetz: excellent

17.05.2009 Müssen: Very good

01.05.2014 Bad Bevensen: Winner veteran's class

Wir sind Mitglied im DRC.

We are member of DRC (German Retriever Club).


Bitte beachten!    Please respect!
Bitte beachten! Please respect!